At Caris Pregnancy Counseling and Resources (Caris) we value women and dare to imagine a day when every woman is able to receive the support that she needs during and after an unplanned pregnancy in order for her and her child to thrive. 

While we believe that once  a woman is met with grace and support she is able to experience hope for her future and that of her child, we also believe a father can and should play a significant role in helping all to thrive during and after an unplanned pregnancy.   The love and support of a father can impact multiple lives for generations to come.  The men involved in an unplanned pregnancy should work to ensure that women feel supported emotionally and physically, empowering them to dream of a future of possibility and hope, rather than one of struggle and defeat.

There is no better time than the present to Recognize, Inspire, Support, and Engage (RISE) the men involved in unplanned pregnancy.  Join us for this timely event to celebrate the work being done to support families.  Hear inspiring stories, witness life transformations, and connect with our new efforts to better involve the men involved in unplanned pregnancy.  Together, we can work to ensure that all those impacted by an unplanned pregnancy, are indeed thriving

It's  a Time to RISE



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Come be inspired and empowered to make a difference in the lives of women, children and men involved in unplanned pregnancy.  Proceeds from the event will support the families served by Caris Pregnancy Counseling and Resources.  You will hear and see powerful testimonies about lives that have been impacted by grace and support.  Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to practically get involved in Caris' mission. 

 join us in honoring 33 years of changed lives in a celebratory atmosphere.  There will be live music, a silent auction, a brief program presentation, and much more.





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If you know of a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member who would be impacted by the work of this ministry, please extend an invitation on our behalf, or we can send them a personal invitation as well.  We will have special ticket packages available for those who are interested in inviting more than one person.   

You, our faithful partners, are our greatest ambassadors and we look forward to sharing the evening with you and your family and friends.  





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